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Professional Security Consultant, Business Consultant & Claim Consultant - Liability Insurance Coverage

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We cover NFL, NBA, and MLB Security Consultants too

A consultant is usually an expert, expert witness or a professional in a specific field or trade who has a wide knowledge of the subject matter at hand. Consultants usually work for a consulting firm, a corporation, or are self-employed, and engage with multiple and changing clients. This gives clients access to deeper levels of expertise than would be feasible for them to retain in-house, and allows them to purchase only as much service from the outside consultant as desired.

Some consultants are employed by staffing companies who in turn provide consultants to clients. This is particularly common in the technology sector. Technology consultants are often called contractors in their employment contracts.

Strategy consultants are common in upper management in many industries. There are also independent consultants who act as interim executives with decision-making power under corporate policies or statutes. They may sit on specially constituted boards or committees. Consultants often work at the client's business location on behalf of a consulting or billing company.

If you are a Security Consultant or Security Professional,
AMIS can help you obtain the right insurance.

Some consultants are individuals hired by companies to do work for them on a contractual basis. They are not employees of the company and they are hired to do specific work. They are expected to do their job ethically and responsibly with minimum supervision.

Professional Consultants need excellent liability insurance.

Our policy is designed for:

General and Professional Liability Coverage
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Liability Limits $1,000,000 each
  • Occurrence and $5,000,000 General Aggregate
  • Products/Completed Operations
  • Personal Injury, Advertising Injury
  • Fire Damage Legal Liability
  • Employees as Additional Insured
  • Independent Contractors Limitation of Coverage
  • Assault and Battery
  • Errors and omissions including Limited Financial Matters
  • Premises Liability
  • Misc. Property - $10,000 Property covered with $1000 Deductible @ no charge
  • Care, Custody and Control Exclusion Deleted with Sub-Limit of $100,000
  • Property Damage Theft Extension (Excluding Employee Dishonesty) with Sub-Limit of $250,000 and Sub-Deductible of $1,000
  • Medical Payments
  • Lost Key Coverage with Sub-Limit of $2,500 and Sub-Deductible of $250
  • Coverage for New Businesses and Established Businesses
  • Coverage for any size business, from One-Person Operation to National Account
  • Non-Owned/Hired Auto Liability Coverage (Maximum Liability Limits $1,000,000 per Occurrence; Employees must carry $100,000 Liability Limits on Personal Auto)
  • Primary Wording Endorsement
  • Waiver of Subrogation Endorsement
  • Excess to $2,000,000/$3,000,000; $3,000,000/$4,000,000; $4,000,000/$5,000,000;$5,000,000/$5,000,000
  • Misc. Property Coverage $50,000 or $100,000 - $1000 Deductible
  • Workers’ Compensation (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Commercial Auto
  • Property Insurance
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Our Experience Benefits You

AMIS President and Founder Bill West began his career in the insurance industry in 1965, and shortly thereafter he started a Private Investigation, Insurance Adjusting, and Third Party Administration business. In 1990 he assembled a professional liability package for specifically for Private Investigation companies. Since that time AMIS has formed and developed excellent working relationships with our insurance providers, and that allows us to provide stable, quality, and affordable insurance coverage to meet your specific need.

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